Factrading is a decentralized platform that reunites the best exchanges and puts them on a unique website, for the traders to work at the same time with all of them, take profit of their different values, and earn money. trader and investor can buy and sell coin , buy and make autobot, follow traders.

ICO will start


Nowadays we can find many different exchanges due to the rising importance of the virtual coins, appearing more and more different ones within time.

Because of this, it is really hard for a trader to take advantage of the different existent platforms at the same time, having to work with only one coin in real time, and consequently losing the difference of the prices between them.

Therefore, a platform that unifies this exchanges and allows having financial appeasement for the traders and profitability for the investors is necessary.

The Team

Our Creative Team

Our team has a diverse range of specialisations and vast experience in both blockchain and cryptocurrency markets

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Johann Sining CEO

Project Master
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Coin Leader

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Erience Solutions

Development Partner

The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors
these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Sept 2017

Call for referral

Sept 2018


Aug 2018

Lunch Blockchain, Poll and Wallets

Dec 2018

Launch of the Beta platform

Mar 2019


Sept 2019

FIAT Integration


Platform work?

All the platform will be managed by COIN POW/POS, this COINS FAC will be used to deposit, support and to gain profitability. These are the only way to earn dividends. The platform will support all the investors with a cash pot created from the financing of the platform.


The traders can register and make a career in the platform, beginning from low levels and rising up. For that they will have to get good scores and have positive outputs. Only the best users will be able to stay in the platform.

They will be able to perform trading operations in all the exchanges that they have aggregated in the platform, make graphic analysis of the coins and they will also have the possibility to be supported by the investors in those analysis or with the financial appeasement money.

The final gains obtained will be a percentage of the profit obtained in the trading operations, and additional bonds.


Investors will be able to support Merchants with money by reviewing submitted analyses and giving direct support. They will receive a percentage benefit from the profits made by traders. They will also receive Bonuses for backup.


Faith Coin info and Reward

  • Algorithm: XEVAN
  • Name Coin: FAITHCOIN
  • Ticker: FAC
  • Time Block Reward: 60 SEG
  • Block Dia: C
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Rest To Mine: 850,000,000
  • Reward: 1000 FAC
Block POW POS MN MN Collat
0 150000000 0 0
0-550000 500 500 100,000
550001-850001 0 500 500 100,000
1 1,440,000 525600%
10 144,000 52560%
20 72,000 26280%
50 28,800 10512%
100 14,400 5256%
150 9,600 3504%
200 7,200 2628%
250 5,760 2102%
500 2,880 1051%
600 2,400 876%
700 2,057 751%
800 1,800 657%
900 1,600 584%
1000 1,440 526%
1100 1,309 478%
1200 1,200 438%
1440 1,000 365%


Bonds distribution

The 60% of the total bonds will be payed monthly as 10 bonds for the best 10 traders (equally distributed). The other 40% will be assigned to the best 10 investors.

Financial appeasement

This fund will allow the appeasement of the investments of our best traders, and to ensure the money deposited by the investors. In any case the appeasement will exceed the 50% of the support fund, regarding the total amount of money deposited by the investors. That is, an investor will never lose money, as his deposit is always under insurance.

Success and project launch

The sale will be considered as successful when the 50,000,000 of the FAC tokens are sold. If not, the earned money will be given back to the investors one month maximum after the sale is closed. After the token sale is considered successful, our team is committed to include the token at least in the top-3 exchanges of the market. Token unsold will be burned.

Money management

Everything related with the costs of the development of the project will be published every month with the support of a recognized financial company to choose. All the money earned will be switched into bitcoins, the management of the money will be public and all of the costs will be presented conveniently.


We will pay 100 FAC to first 1000 people who register on 'Discord', Follow us on 'Twitter' and 'Facebook' Go to Airdrops

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